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There isn't much to tell about me.. I've been writing poetry for about three years now and it's a great way to express some feelings. People see me as someone who only makes fun and not as a serious type, though I really prefer fun above everything. I also can be serious as in my poems. I also like helping people and like to hear from my readers. Oh and please don't mind my English! I'm Dutch you know.

Monday, April 22, 2013


I haven't been posting a lot on here lately. It seems that sometimes writersblock creeps up on me and doesn't let loose. Though also a reason is that I hope to receive more views and comments on my work. That's why I strated to post some poetry on Hubpages. As well as other articles. Please do check them out. Especially the poetry :)

Check out my poetry: An Angel

Check out other articles: My HubPages

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