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There isn't much to tell about me.. I've been writing poetry for about three years now and it's a great way to express some feelings. People see me as someone who only makes fun and not as a serious type, though I really prefer fun above everything. I also can be serious as in my poems. I also like helping people and like to hear from my readers. Oh and please don't mind my English! I'm Dutch you know.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

When Worlds Clash

I wrote this poem a few years ago. It's not hard to figure out what it's about. It's a bit simpel but a strong poem so I thought: "Why not post it". Hope you like it!

When Worlds Clash

I live somewhere
You will never be
Another world
You cannot see

We differ so much
Because we are from other places
Though I love your touch
Wouldn't change a thing about you

My world consists
Out of a lot more violence
Your world consists
Out of a lot more violins

I from the street
Where people come and go
Dealing weed
For a bit dough

You from a mansion
Etiquettes and nice dresses
On our first date
You didn't even mention

How can it be
That we
Can co-op this friendly

My friends can't stand your sight
Yours don't even try to like
Someday we end up in a fight
There is no more to do
Then hold on tight

We will be drivin apart
When that day comes
There will be a hole in my hearth
Hopefully that day won't come fast
Hopefully we will last


  1. that is absolutely beautiful!

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